Roosevelt's We Ride Better Together Campaign

$97 raised by 5 donors 200 goal
What is the Roosevelt We Ride Better Together Campaign?
  • As part of diversity week at Roosevelt High School, the student body is taking action to help others that are less fortunate than us. We’ve each signed because we know that collectively we can make a big difference.
How does our campaign work?
We are kicking off a month long campaign during our Diversity Week assembly on February 25th. We ask you all to join us so we can reach our goal by the end of March. 
How do I know my donation made a difference? 
You will receive an email with a story about one of the lives that’s been changed because of the work being done by these amazing organizations.
Feb 28 Sheila gave $12 for three months of education for a child from a red light area
Feb 27 Patricia made a $25 contribution
Feb 25 Halima made a $2 contribution
Feb 22 Don gave $30 for a year of kindergarten
Melissa view profile
Melissa gave $28 for a contribution towards a week of shelter for a woman and her children

                “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,

                           what are you doing for others?”

                                -Martin Luther King, Jr.

We Ride Better Together because collectively we make an incredible impact in our local and global community. That is why we are stepping up our game this Diversity Week to not only learn more about each other in our school but also about local and global issues that need our attention. We are beginning a fundraising campaign to help other teenagers like us to be successful, whether they live in Seattle or another part of the globe.

WE invite you to share this page, these causes, and these issues that desperately need our attention and help. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the organizations below by the end of March. We have about 1,600 students; that is only $6.50 a student! So, one month to Ride Better Together and collectively impact our community. Pretty powerful stuff!

We chose three local organizations that help raise funds for teenagers from the Puget Sound area and two international organizations to receive our support.

“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.”
- Anne Frank

Help Roosevelt students help those in need!


Roosevelt High School is a comprehensive high school with over 1650 students. The strength of our program lies within the students, staff and community who all strive to do excellent work and support the success of all of our students. Whether it is academics, arts, activities or athletics, there is something for everyone. Students here actively learn to live in a diverse world and to treat others with dignity and courtesy.